Sunday, December 17, 2006

I got a request to see these ornaments that I made. I already emailed it but thought I would put it here too.

For each of my coworkers stockings I made one glitter ornament and one clear ornament. I really wanted to personalize the clear ornament. So I thought of something they each like and found a picture or text to represent that (so for one person it was the Dodger logo, another it was an angel because she collects angels; the one that is pictured says "Seriously" because she loves Grey's Anatomy). I printed that out on transparency paper (found at an office supply store). I cut them out and rolled them in, added the snow.
They look cute. I wish the photo looked better. It's so hard to photograph the clear ornaments because the light keeps overpowering it.
I do hope that my coworkers like them.

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