Wednesday, May 28, 2008
I know. I have been such a bad blogger. I finished all of my mother's day cards and mailed them all out (2 days late!). Ha. It was fun, but I doubt I'm ever doing that again. It was hard to complete them all. If you are able to pull that off every year, I bow down to you.

I have been going to IKEA a lot lately because we're turning the toy room into my daughter's bedroom. I found these glass picture frames that were awesome. I also had some Heidi Swapp rub ons that I have been meaning to use for months. I never use rub ons, but these were so cute that I just had to have them. I love that excuse when I'm shopping, "I'm going to need these one day. I don't know what for, but I will use them for something." I have a ton of stuff that I have bought for that specific reason, including the rub ons. I glued ribbon onto the back of the frame, then put the rub ons on the front. Here it is hanging in my cubicle at work:

Here's a close up

Just a side note: I used those white clips because I accidentally threw away the clips that came with the frames. Opps! Also, the picture frames are in a pack of four.

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