Tuesday, January 29, 2008
I have been wondering how to make my photographs of my cards better (well, better without having to buy one of those lightbox things - because I'd rather spend my money on stamps, of course!). I stumbled upon a discussion of this very subject at SCS. One of the suggestions was to put the card on the stove and use the stovelight above for lighting. I thought, "I have one of those." So I tried it out tonight. I made a card specifically to try it out. I laid a cookie sheet upside down on the stovetop to give me a level area and place white cardstock on the cookie sheet and behind it. Then I turned on the stovelight and I also had the kitchen light on, the dining room light, and the flash on the camera.

Here's my results. I love it! It's way better than my past attempts at good photographs. I adjusted levels in my photo program, but I always do that - so the results really are from just the stovelight!!

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

I loved this sentiment from TAC as soon as I saw it. I hope to find many ways to use it.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008
Vacations are so relaxing and so nice when you are on vacation (or at work thinking about vacation), but it always feels so good to be back with your own stuff. You know what I mean? Here's a card I made today. I'm trying to get back into the crafty swing of things.

Stamps are TAC; paper is Chatterbox.

Meanwhile, please have patience while I catch up with all my SCS2 sisters' blogs. It may take me a couple of days.

Do any of you have resolutions for 2008? I have a few. There are a lot of the same - eat healthier - type of resolutions. But I also want to send all of my family and friends handmade (by me) birthday cards. You mean I don’t already do this? haha. No. I have a very long list of family/friends and it always looked too intimidating to conquer, but was always in the back of my mind. Since I don’t buy cards because I make them myself, this is actually a goal that I have been wanting to set for myself since I started seriously crafting about 5 years ago and I’m finally diving in and trying it out. Yesterday I started trying to gather everyone’s birth dates on my calendar so that I can keep track and spend time making a card, made especially for them when their birthday comes around. EEK!! I'm not entirely sure what I'm getting myself into, but I'll see how it works out. All you lovely ladies knows how much love goes into making a card, and that it can take time, which is why I haven't tried to set this goal for myself until now.

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