Saturday, April 14, 2007
First, the card. The backstory of this: for months I've been looking for stamps that I could use for a lifebook. We're adopting from Viet Nam and a lifebook is very important. I wanted to find stamps that I could use in putting together the pages. No such luck so far. Until yesterday, on a whim, I went to a small neighborhood scrapbook/stamp store. I found these two stamps: a dragonfly and a sentiment stamp that says, "I'll love you until the day after forever." They're not meant specifically for adoption, but they'll be cute to use. And, of course, I had to play with my new goodies. . .

And in other jump up and down news, my husband and I both received bonuses at work (we work for the same company) for a job well done. So I have $350 to spend on stamping goodies! Hooray! I want to buy some big items that I wouldn't purchase before because they were too expensive. The first thing I thought of was a cuttlebug alphabet. I couldn't justify spending $80 on an alpha set before. But I'll splurge. This shopping spree will be so much fun.

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At 11:54 AM, Blogger Alex said........
Ooooh you lucky thing, definitely sure you deserve it, but still you lucky thing!!!!